We recorded this episode a couple weeks into the lockdown as a somewhat unplanned and off-the-cuff conversation. The intention was to talk about a different subject entirely but I wasn’t feeling particularly great and I knew a few of the guys felt similarly.  Daniel Doyley, one of the guests on this episode and the voice you … Continue reading Pandemic

Man Ting Uncut

Isaac Fletcher is a professional dancer and teacher, he’s a massive football fan and a regular at the gym. And if you haven’t listened to his story, Broken, But Not Destroyed (episode 7 of the podcast), then I encourage you to do so now. On Man Ting Uncut, we have raw and unfiltered conversations about … Continue reading Man Ting Uncut

My BFF & I

Can men and women have close friendships and it remain strictly platonic? In this bonus feature, Daniel, Andre, Maurice and I talk about being friends with the opposite sex and the impact those friendships have on our romantic relationships. If you like the podcast and want to give us some feedback, or if you want … Continue reading My BFF & I


My wife and I are in a cross-cultural relationship. We’re both black, but she’s of Ghanaian heritage and I was born in Jamaica. If you listened to the first episode of Marriages Behind Closed Doors, then you will have heard about some of the specific cultural challenges we faced during the engagement and leading up … Continue reading Interracial