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More of Man Ting

In addition to the fortnightly podcast, we have two other live shows via our Instagram page.

The Podcast

New episodes are released fortnightly (every other Tuesday) and feature up to four other men alongside host, Jamie McLaren. Click “Listen” to hear more.

Man Ting Uncut
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A raw, unfiltered and live discussion between Jamie McLaren and co-host Isaac Fletcher about relationships, sex, masculinity and friendships.

Marriages Behind Closed Doors
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The 3rd Thursday of each month features a live and intimate conversation about our experiences as husbands, raising families and becoming better men.

The live shows are recorded and uploaded online along with the podcast, so if you weren’t able join in the discussion, you can go and listen to the conversation at a later point.

Go to Listen to catch-up on anything you missed or how you can hear more great content.