Who I’m becoming

Kenneth Barish Ph.D, author of Pride and Joy: A Guide to Understanding Your Child’s Emotions and Solving Family Problems, wrote that “As parents, we are, unwittingly, too critical of our children.” Courtney Hoilett and Maurice Reid return to the podcast in this episode to share their experiences on how their their family context and their … Continue reading Who I’m becoming

Man Kills Spider

I came home this evening to the wife and child asleep, so I made my way to the kitchen for a drink of water before preparing for bed. There I was, casually leaning against the counter and chugging away, when I noticed in the corner of my eye a gigantic furry eight-legged beast! It was … Continue reading Man Kills Spider

Still on the toilet

There I was, sat on the toilet in the dark this morning at 5:30am as per my usual routine when the wife flings open the bathroom door. I see the silhouette of her exhausted frame standing in the doorway, waning under the weight of laboured breaths. “Take her!” She snapped, “I can’t do this right … Continue reading Still on the toilet