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26. Of African Descent: Decolonisation Man Ting – the podcast

On this episode, Jamie and Lewis talk about the nature of colonialism and how we can break free of its shackles. Read more here: SOCIALS: YouTube; Instagram: Twitter: Facebook: Music (Creative Commons — Attribution and Share Alike): Maria by Fiskayet Sippin by Cospe Friend of Me by Fiskayet Sweet Talk by Tyra Chantey Image by Matthew Lancaster on Unsplash
  1. 26. Of African Descent: Decolonisation
  2. 25. Of African Descent: Diaspora
  3. 24. I Love You, Man
  4. 23. Money Talks
  5. 22. Love in Lockdown
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Of African Descent: Decolonisation

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Of African Descent: Diaspora

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